On the just-concluded E3 2016, Telltale (whistleblowers? ) Brings developer version of Batman is not the only manufacturer, New Fashionable Gaming Keyboard gives us full in the ROCKSTEADY games is the new Dark Knight, which earlier in the week on the theme of Sony, "Batman Arkham VR" is a surprise, and it raises numerous concerns and applause.

Using Sony PlayStation VR headphones can most real of experience to bat man game, in virtual of world inside played most great of detective role, as: players can station in Wayne Manor of Hall, then on will has a double intangible of hand playing floating in you of before, each a gestures are can control PlayStation Move wand; and Bruce Wayne of Butler Alfred go has came in, said has several sentence words, Hi handed to you bat hole of secret entrance of key, Put it in the vicinity of exposed on the ivory of the piano keyboard cover, then you can instinctively put his fingers from one end to the other end of the game.

On the platform, when the players slowly toward the secret hideout of Wayne, after stopping for a few seconds, it will put on the cloak of bats and equipment set: a pair of gloves and strapping batarangs, grappling hook gun and practical environmental scanning equipment with the used to scan the bat logo to investigate a crime scene ... More than in the whole experience of this kind of immersive experience, let yourself become Batman in games, if we are not careful player to hang up, you will automatically be taken to the main menu, is very interesting.

E3 2016 exhibition, a Studio spokesman said when the game will be launched in October this year, fully experience it may take two or three hours USB/PS2 Gaming Keyboard, but the price has not been finalized.